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  • David Neave and his Houses

    David Neave was Dundee's town architect prior to 1833. At the time when many contemporaries were involved in New Town construction, Neave' ...... More

  • James Guthrie Orchar (c1825-1898)

    James Guthrie Orchar, whose name lives on in the name of the Orchar Nursing Home, formerly the Orchar Gallery, which sits facing the Tay near Broughty ...... More

  • County of Dundee: List of Justices of the Peace, 1894

    Claude, Earl of Strathmore Robert Adam Phillips Haldane, Earl of Camperdown Sir Reginald Ogilvy of Baldovan Sir Thomas Thornton of Thornton Sir John ...... More

  • Broughty Ferry, 1853-4 (part 2)

    NAMES, PROFESSIONS, AND ADDRESSES OF THE PRINCIPAL INHABITANTS Surname Forename Occupation Address Extra Air William church officer East Brook ...... More

  • Broughty Ferry, 1853-4 (part 1)

    (Taken from the Dundee Directory of the same year) CONTENTS Brief Historical Note Places of Worship Religious Tract Society Temperance Society ...... More

  • Broughty Ferry, 1834

    (Taken from the Dundee Directory of the same year) Surname Forename Occupation Address Abbot Mrs.   Church Street Abbot Mrs. Robert   West ...... More

  • Broughty Ferry and Monifieth, 1837

    (Taken from Piggot's Commercial Directory of Scotland, 1837) Item Details Post Office At Fort Street, Broughty Ferry, Jane Schleselman, Post Mi ...... More

  • Inns in the Carse of Gowrie, 1806

    Return of Hotels, Inns and Public Houses, &c in the Carse of Gowrie Licencing District on 29th April 1806 Name of Occupier Where situate What Pari ...... More

  • Robert Gourlay (1778-1863), Scottish born Canadian reformer

    While visiting Toronto in summer 2005, I came across the statue of Robert Gourlay, an early reformer. His name sounded Scottish - was he? When I retur ...... More

  • Broughty Ferry: Provosts, 1866-1913

    George Hair Newall 1864-6 William Warden Rennie 1866-70 James Cunningham 1870-3 William Hynd Norrie 1873-6 John Leadbetter 1876-8 Georg ...... More

  • Emigration from Perthshire to Canada in the early 19th century

    The fact that many Scots emigrated to the North American continent is widely acknowledged, both in print and within the popular consciousness of the n ...... More

  • Early American colonies: Stuart's Town and East New Jersey

    In the history of the Scottish colonies in America, the settlements of Stuart's Town, South Carolina and that of East New Jersey stand as polar opposi ...... More

  • Mary Shelley: the Dundee connection

    Summary In 1812 a young Mary Godwin was sent by her father to stay with a family he knew in Dundee called Baxter. The connection between the writer a ...... More

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