I grew up on the banks of the Tay (hence the name of this site and the image in the banner above), though my home is now on the other side of Fife. My name is Grant Buttars and this website reflects some of my interests, some hosted here, some elsewhere.

From an early age I have had an interest in history and I eventually studied this at university. The history pages contain a small selection of articles by me.

I have been researching my family history and the history off associated families and the places where they lived for nearly 20 years. My main family history pages provide access to my database and related articles giving some insight into this but is not a complete view of everything.

My other main activities are political. Links to various things I am involved in follow below. Further information can be found in my Blog and on Facebook and Twitter.

Common Weal Fife

Scottish Left Project

Rise: Scotland's Left Alliance

Latest article

Peter Deas and the Growth of Church Street, Buckhaven

My Laverock ancestors were long resident in Buckhaven, for several generations from at least the 17th century. Recently I found reference to a property called Laverock Bank, named as such in the 1891 census. Pinpointing exactly where it is/was has given rise to some detective work. The relevant part of the 1891 census simply listed house names, with no specific street or street numbers given as t ...... More

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