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Broughty Ferry, 1853-4 (part 2)


Surname Forename Occupation Address Extra
Air William church officer East Brook Street  
Alexander David tailor King Street  
Allan George saddler Chapel Street  
Ambrose George shipmaster Ambrose Street  
Ambrose Mrs.   Gray Street  
Anderson David banker Seafield Terrace Dundee entry
Anderson Francis ropemaker Benthouse  
Anderson James cabinetmaker & joiner Hermon Cottage  
Anderson John painter & paperhanger Gray Street  
Anderson John Hudson   8 James' Place  
Anderson Mrs.   St. Vincent Street  
Anderson Miss   2 James' Place  
Anderson Miss   Dundas Street  
Archer Mrs. James   Brook Street  
Archibald James shipmaster St. Vincent Street  
Baillie William surveyor & civil engineer Camperdown Street  
Baillie Mrs   West Ferry  
Baird Miss   Camperdown Street  
Balfour Robert tailor Fort Street  
Barclay Mrs. Post Office Gray Street  
Barry Mrs. B tea dealer King Street  
Beatts John M. auctioneer Seafield Dundee entry
Beatts Thomas grocer King Street  
Bathie William grocer King Street  
Baxter Alexander gardener Seafield  
Baxter Edmund writer 3 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Beaton Donald spiritdealer Brook Street  
Begbie Miss   Brook Street  
Bell Andrew grocer Queen Street  
Bell James ropemaker King Street  
Birrell Mrs.   Seafield  
Blair Thomas confectioner & grocer Gray Street; house: Victoria Buildings  
Blair Mrs.   Ambrose Street  
Brown George locomotive superintendant house: Brook Street  
Brown Mrs.   Hill Street  
Brown Mrs.   Long Lane  
Brown Mrs. David   12 James' Place  
Bruce Mrs.   3 Church Street  
Burnett George merchant 2 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Caithness Alexander shipmaster Ambrose Street  
Caithness Miss grocer Ambrose Street  
Cameron Misses   Cottage Place  
Cant William   Seafield  
Cappon James shipmaster St. Vincent Street  
Cappon Mrs.   Ambrose Street  
Cardean Alexander   Queen Street  
Carfrae H. spiritdealer    
Carnegie Miss   Hill Street  
Catanoch James Dundee and Perth Steam-Packet Co. house: Camp House  
Chalmers James cowfeeder King Street  
Chapman Mrs. lodgings East Brook Street  
Christie David gardener Seafield  
Christie Miss   3 James' Place  
Christison John teacher, Dundee Seminaries house: West Ferry  
Clark James shipmaster Fort Street Dundee entry
Cobb Miss   2 James' Place  
Cook Mrs. poulterer Fort Street  
Cooper John shipmaster Gray Street  
Cooper William builder East King Street Dundee entry
Coupar David   Hill Street  
Corbet John Collector of Inland Revenue Cozie Cottage, Fort Street Dundee entry
Cox Mrs.   King Street  
Crammond Mrs. H. spiritdealer King Street  
Crichton Mrs. Alex   7 James' Place  
Crystal James foreman of mechanics, Railway work-shop house: QueenStreet  
Cumming Gershom engraver King Street Dundee entry
Cumming Miss   Links' House, King Street  
Davidson Peter fishcurer Seafield Dundee entry
Davidson Mrs.   Beach House  
Dean Alexander baker Fort Street  
Deas Mathew cabinetmaker Fort Street  
Denholm James   Victoria Hotel, Gray Street  
Deuchar Mrs.   Fort Street  
Dewar Mrs.   Fort Street  
Dick Francis builer & vintner Claypots Road  
Dick James   Hill Street  
Dick John tailor & clothier Brook Street  
Dick Thomas, L.L.D.   Hill Street  
Don John merchant 9 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Don Mrs.   Fort Street  
Douglas Major   Ferry House, Beach  
Douglas Thomas merchant Camperdown Place  
Dow George shipmaster Brook Street  
Dryden Mrs. feuar Brook Street  
Duncan Peter merchant "The Hermitage" Dundee entry
Easton Thomas slater Brook Street  
Ellis Miss   Stewart's Cottages, Hill Street  
Ewan Francis manufacturer Hermon Cottage Dundee entry
Ewan John manufacturer Viewbank, Hill Street Dundee entry
Farquharson Robert watchmaker Forthill Dundee entry
Ferguson Mrs.   Forthill  
Ferrier Margaret grocer Beach, corner of Fort Street  
Findlater James civil engineer Brook Street  
Finlayson Thomas accountant 10 James' Place  
Finlayson Miss   ladys' seminary, Camperdown Place  
Forbes Alexander flesher Gray Street  
Forbes William wright Long Lane  
Forman David shipmaster 4 James' Place  
Fyffe David draper's assistant West Ferry Dundee entry
Fyffe Major David, of Smithfield   "The Lodge"  
Gall Alexander pilot, tavern Beach  
Gall Charles   Cottage Place  
Garden A. & G. grocers Gray Street  
Garvie William stationmaster D. & A. Railway  
Gibson William boot & shoe maker King Street  
Gilruth Peter hardware-merchant Bay Cottage, West Ferry Dundee entry
Gordon George merchant Forthill House  
Gordon William Leslie surgeon Brook Street  
Grant Lewis vintner West Ferry  
Gray Isaac grocer & spirit dealer King Street  
Gray William coal merchant Brook Street; house: Gray Street  
Gray William brewer Fort Street; house: Union Street  
Gray Miss   Cottage Place  
Guild Mrs.   Brook Street  
Halley Mrs.   King Street  
Hanton Peter late shipwright Queen Street  
Harris Miss   West Ferry  
Harrower George K. corn-merchant 10 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Hay James   Church Street  
Henderson Patrick   Gray Street  
Henderson Miss   Brook Street  
Hendry David saw-miller Claypots Road; house: West Balgillo  
Henry William saw-miller Links  
Herald Miss teacher of music Queen Street  
Hicks Joseph of Inland Revenue Ambrose Street Dundee entry
Hill David   Queen Street  
Hoder William Y. clerk Fort Street Dundee entry
Hodge Mrs. grocer Fort Street  
Horn James grocer King Street  
Hume James baker Brook Street; house: Brook Street  
Hume John Manager Tay Whale-Fishing Co. Woodend, Forthill  
Hunter David   Burnside  
Hunter Mrs. lodgings King Street  
Hunter Mrs.   Stewart's Cottages, Hill Street  
Hunter Miss   Hill Cottage  
Hutchison David spirit-merchant Brook Street Dundee entry
Hutchison Captain George   Camperdown Place  
Hutton John gardener Reresbank  
Irvine James hairdresser King Street  
Jack & Barclay Misses   Camperdown Cottage  
Jackson John feuar Camp  
James David seed-merchant Seafield Dundee entry
Jamieson George merchant Seafield  
Jolly John vintner Gray Street  
Just Mrs. J   Church Street  
Kay David grocer & spirit dealer King Street  
Kay Henry lodgings Brook Street  
Kennedy Mrs. mangle-keeper West Ferry  
Kerr Alex. feuar Church Street  
Kerr William writer Forthill Cottage Dundee entry
Kidd John grocer Fort Street; house: Brown Street  
Kidd Miss   5 James' Place  
Kinmond Peter   Seafield  
Kinnear George flesher Brook Street; house: Brook Street  
Knight Mrs. D. vintner Beach  
Knight Mrs. vintner Beach  
Leake W. H.   Cottage Place  
Lee John shipmaster Camp House  
Leighton George farmer Forthill  
Leslie John wright, foreman to J. Mitchell & Co. house: 1 James' Place  
Leslie Robert shipowner Gray Street Dundee entry
Leslie Miss teacher of music Infant School, Brook Street  
Ley Mrs.   Brook Street  
Lind Patrick Harbour station-master and coal & lime merchant house: Nethergate, Dundee  
Lindsay Alex. shoemaker Queen Street  
Lindsay George shipmaster Seafield  
Lindsay George grocer house: Fort Cottage  
Lindsay James C. merchant Reres Cottage Dundee entry
Lindsay Thomas shipmaster Union Street  
Littlejohn David   Church Street  
Littlejohn David H. writer 5 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Loinsworth Rev. Albert   Seafield  
Lovell John W. Customs' boatman Fort Street  
Lovell William   Fort Street  
Low Francis spirit-dealer & coal-merchant Gray Street  
Low Richard teacher, Seminaries house: Brook Street Dundee entry
Low William manager, Gas Work house: East Brook Street  
Low Mrs. George blacksmith Long Lane  
Low Miss   Beach House  
Low Miss bookseller & stationer Gray Street  
Lownie Mrs.   Beach  
Lyon Rev. John   Free Church Manse, Brook Street  
Lyon Thomas grocer & innkeeper Gray Street  
M'Kay Mrs. George   Brook Street  
MacLachlan Duncan writer 4 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Malloch Mrs.   Fort Street  
Marr Mrs.   Brook Street  
Mathew John tailor & letter carrier King Street  
Mathew William grocer Brook Street  
Mathewson George   Beach Cottage, West Ferry  
Mathewson Mrs.   Queen Street  
Maxwell James, M.D.   Ida Bank  
Meek William wright & glazier Brook Street  
Mellis John letter-carrier, Post Office    
Methven John & Son boot & shoe makers Brook Street  
Methven Thomas E. boot & shoe maker, of J. Methven & Son house: Brook Street  
Miln David Banker Brae Cottage Dundee entry
Miln Robert merchant Beach Terrace Dundee entry
Milne George writer Hill Place Dundee entry
Millar George late farmer top of St. Vincent Street  
Miller Oliver G. merchant Forthill Dundee entry
Millar Mrs. vintner Brook Street  
Miller Miss E. dressmaker Ambrose Street  
Mitchell David carrier King Street  
Mitchell James & Co. contractors King Street  
Mitchell James contractor, of J. Mitchell & Co. house: 1 Douglas Terrace  
Mitchell James gardener Fort Street  
Mitchell James gardener King Street  
Montgomery Mrs.   Elmbank House  
Morton Mrs.   Morton Lodge, Brook Street  
Mudie Miss   Fort Street  
Munro David teacher, Sessional School West Ferry  
Murray George Customs' boatman    
Murray Mrs. Andrew draper Fort Street  
Norrie Charles calenderer Camp Hill House Dundee entry
Norrie Robert wright & innkeeper Eagle Inn, King Street  
Norrie Wm. Dundee and Arbroath Railway Office house: Gray Street Dundee entry
Norrie William H. calenderer Camp Hill House Dundee entry
Norrie Mrs. James   Gray Street  
Norrie Janet grocer Beach  
Norrie Miss   Fort Street  
Ogilvie Andrew stockbroker Seafield Dundee entry
Ogilvie Rev. Duncan   9 James' Place  
Ogilvie William flaxspinner East King Street Dundee entry
Ogilvie Mrs. Walter   Beach Terrace  
Ogilvie Misses   Fort Street  
Oslar Alex. cowfeeder West Ferry  
Paterson George boot & shoe maker King Street  
Paterson Henry   Queen Street  
Paterson James merchant Seafield Dundee entry
Paterson William boot & shoe maker King Street  
Paterson Mrs.   Fort Street  
Paterson Miss   St. Vincent Street  
Paterson Miss lodgings West Ferry  
Paton John jun. merchant house: Fort William Dundee entry
Paton William M. merchant 8 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Patullo James writer Abertay Cottage Dundee entry
Patullo William grocer Brook Street  
Peddie Thomas ropemaker Queen Street  
Peddie Mrs.   Queen Street  
Peter David merchant 12 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Peter James farmer Camp  
Peters James shipmaster Brook Street  
Petrie Mrs. David   Brook Street  
Playfair Miss   Seafield  
Plummer Mrs. grocer West Ferry  
Pryde George   Gray Street  
Raitt Miss   Forthill  
Ramsay Alex. surgeon Fort Street  
Rapp Edward merchant 6 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Reilly Patrick Keeper of Baths Beach  
Ritchie John shipmaster Ambrose Street  
Ritchie John   King Street  
Robb Mrs.   Beach Cottage, West Ferry  
Robertson Peter County Police constable King Street  
Robertson Miss dressmaker and milliner Brook Street  
Rodger John shipmaster King Street  
Ross Charles watchmaker, confectioner, & pastry baker Fort Street  
Ross Hugh gardener Fort Street  
Ross Mrs. James   14 James' Place  
Rutherford Mrs.   Camperdown Cottage  
Ruthven William shipowner Gowrie Cottage Dundee entry
Sandeman William cowfeeder Beach Terrace  
Schleselman Mrs. J. draper Fort Street  
Scott Andrew china-merchant King Street  
Scott David boot & shoemaker Long Lane  
Scott James builder    
Scott James clerk, Customs    
Scott Henry quarrier Seafield  
Scott Mrs.   Beach Terrace  
Scott Mrs.   Seafield  
Scott Miss   Queen Street  
Shepherd David tailor & letter carrier Fort Street  
Sim James shoemaker Queen Street  
Simpson Alex. baker Ambrose Street  
Simpson Mrs. David   Dundas Street  
Skinners William joiner & cabinetmaker Long Lane  
Small George wright Union Street  
Smith Alex. wright Long Lane  
Smith Charles builder Bartley Lodge Dundee entry
Smith James merchant Camperdown Place Dundee entry
Smith John   Hare Craig, West Ferry  
Smith William banker Stewart's Cottages, Forthill  
Smith Mrs.   Hill Street  
Smith Mrs.   East Brook Street  
Spence Andrew   Dundas Street  
Spence Andrew, jun. timber, coal, & lime merchant Dundas Street; house: Crawford Cottage  
Sprunt James jeweller 6 James' Place Dundee entry
Stewart A., & Co. grocers & spirit-dealers King Street  
Stewart Daniel teacher, Sessional School King Street; house: East Brook Street  
Stewart John nursery and seedsman Nurseries Dundee entry
Stewart William nursery and seedsman Elmbank House Dundee entry
Stewart Mrs. tinsmith Brook Street  
Strong Stewart   St. Roque's Cottage, West Ferry  
Sturrock Robert flaxspinner 7 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Sturrock William merchant 13 James' Place Dundee entry
Suttie P. & T. joiners Brook Street  
Symers William & Co. tinsmiths, plumbers, & gas fitters Brook Street; house: Fort Street  
Tasker James shipmaster Reres Cottage  
Taylor John mason Seafield  
Taylor Mrs. Dr.   Gray Street  
Thomson David teacher, Free Church School house: Beach  
Thomson George   Railway Tavern, Gray Street  
Thompson P. grocer King Street  
Thomson Samuel C. corn-merchant Annfield House Dundee entry
Thomson William tailor & letter carrier Brook Street  
Todd Alex.   King Street  
Trail Anthony   Church Street  
Trail Miss   Camperdown Place  
Walker Alex. gardener Links, Barnhill  
Walker Charles writer Westfield Dundee entry
Walker Daniel sub-inspectors of factories 11 Douglas Terrace Dundee entry
Walker David Customs Free Air Villa, 2 Seafield Dundee entry
Walker Henry shipmaster Seafield  
Watson Edward painter & paper-hanger Fort Street  
Watson George turner Windmill; house: King Street  
Watson John turner Windmill  
Watson Mrs. grocer Fort Street  
Watson Mrs. P. coffehouse-keeper King Street  
Watt Robert cowfeeder Fort Street  
Webster Robert merchant Camperdown Place Dundee entry
Webster Thomas   Bath Street  
Webster William   Maryfield Cottage  
Webster Mrs.   Ambrose Street  
Webster Miss feuar Brook Street  
Westwood George bookseller Gray Street  
Wilkie Mrs. J. grocer & spirit-dealer Fort Street  
Willison Andrew writer Ferry House, Gray Street  
Wishart Mrs. lodgings West Ferry  
Wood Rev. John, L.L.D.   St. Vincent Street  
Wood Miss A. draper King Street  
Wood Miss Jane   Queen Street  
Young George draper Brook Street; house: Fort Street  
Young Mrs. lodgings West Ferry  

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