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James Guthrie Orchar (c1825-1898)

James Guthrie Orchar, whose name lives on in the name of the Orchar Nursing Home, formerly the Orchar Gallery, which sits facing the Tay near Broughty Castle, was the son of a joiner and was himself a master engineer. He was born c. 1825 and in 1849 he married Catherine Nicoll. His home was at Angus Lodge (now Deanscourt) at the northern end of Victoria Road.

In 1856 he went into business with William Robertson, Provost of Dundee, at Wallace Foundry as Robertson Orchar (Ltd). This company was a major supplier to many of the Dundee textile mills and had a good reputation around the world. It later became Urquhart Lindsay & Robertson Orchar Ltd.

James died in 1898. He was a major collector is will left many of the artworks and other items to Broughty Ferry and ultimately to Dundee. Today many are on permanent display at McManus Galleries, Dundee.

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