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Broughty Ferry and Monifieth, 1837

(Taken from Piggot's Commercial Directory of Scotland, 1837)

Item Details
Post Office At Fort Street, Broughty Ferry, Jane Schleselman, Post Mistress - Letters from Dundee arrive every morning at nine and are despatched every afternoon at four in winter and six in summer
Coach To Dundee, a coach from the Eagle Inn four times a day during summer
Carriers To Dundee, David Petrie and Thomas Gray every Tuesday and Friday
Conveyance by Water To Dundee, steamboats occasionally during the summer season
Conveyance by Water To Ferry Port on Craig, a passenger boat continually during the day

Category Surname Forename Address Extra
Gentry & Clergy Anderson Mr. George Dundas Street  
Gentry & Clergy Bisset Rev. John Monifieth  
Gentry & Clergy Bowman Capt. John Beach  
Gentry & Clergy Davidson Rev. David Camperdown Street  
Gentry & Clergy Davidson Mr. James Monifieth  
Gentry & Clergy Dick Rev. Thomas, LLD Fort Hill  
Gentry & Clergy Douglas Miss Elizabeth Ferry House  
Gentry & Clergy Duncan Mrs. Margaret Fort Hill  
Gentry & Clergy Hill Mr. David Brook Street  
Gentry & Clergy Hulme Mr. John Fort Hill  
Gentry & Clergy Hunter Col. George Fort Hill House  
Gentry & Clergy Hunter Robert, Esq. Brook Street  
Gentry & Clergy Johnston Charles, Esq. Beach  
Gentry & Clergy Lindsay Mrs. Margaret Church Street  
Gentry & Clergy Marr Rev. Robert Brook Street  
Gentry & Clergy Miller Rev. Samuel Monifieth  
Gentry & Clergy Miln David, Esq. Mount Pleasant  
Gentry & Clergy Peter John, Esq. Fisher Street  
Gentry & Clergy Pryde Mr. George Gray Street  
Gentry & Clergy Stark Lieutenant Peter, R.N. Beach  
Gentry & Clergy Thoms Geo., Esq. Hermitage Cottage  
Gentry & Clergy Watt Mrs. Ann Beach  
Gentry & Clergy Watt John, Esq. Beach  
Gentry & Clergy Watt Thomas, Esq. Brook Street  
Academics & Schools Stenhouse Elizabeth Dundas Street mistress, Infants School
Academics & Schools Strachan John Monifieth master, Parochial School
Academics & Schools Robertson James West Ferry master, Sessional School
Academics & Schools Stewart Daniel Gray Street  
Bakers Deans Alexander, jun. Fort Street  
Bakers Miller Patrick & Mary Brook Street  
Bakers Stewart John Forthill  
Blacksmiths Brown Alexander, jun. Cragie  
Blacksmiths Low George Long Lane  
Blacksmiths Norrie Robert, Esq. King Street  
Blacksmiths Stewart William King Street  
Boot & Shoemakers Anderson David Union Street  
Boot & Shoemakers Anderson Thomas Monifieth  
Boot & Shoemakers Baird James Monifieth  
Boot & Shoemakers Methven John Brook Street  
Boot & Shoemakers Reid Thomas King Street  
Boot & Shoemakers Ritchie John King Street  
Boot & Shoemakers Scott David Long Lane  
Fleshers Elder David Gray Street  
Fleshers Kidd Robert, Esq. King Street  
Grocers & Drapers Anderson Francis Brook Street  
Grocers & Drapers Bell James King Street  
Grocers & Drapers Bell Samuel King Street  
Grocers & Drapers Chapman William Brook Street  
Grocers & Drapers Crammond James King Street  
Grocers & Drapers Elder William West Ferry  
Grocers & Drapers Lorimer Mary Fisher Street  
Grocers & Drapers Norrie Jane Fisher Street  
Grocers & Drapers Schleselman Jane Fort Street  
Grocers & Drapers Smith Janet Gray Street  
Grocers & Drapers Sturrock Elizabeth Brook Street  
Grocers & Drapers Watson Jane Fort Street  
Grocers & Drapers White Alexander, jun. King Street  
Grocers & Drapers Wood Ann King Street  
Lodging Houses Abbot Margaret West Ferry  
Lodging Houses Ambrose Elizabeth Bath Street  
Lodging Houses Arkley Martha King Street  
Lodging Houses Begbie Christina & Elizbth. Gray Street  
Lodging Houses Bell James Fisher Street  
Lodging Houses Brown Janet Fisher Street  
Lodging Houses Cappon James Ambrose Street  
Lodging Houses Craig Janet Queen Street  
Lodging Houses Cumming James King Street  
Lodging Houses Easson Janet Dundas Street  
Lodging Houses Ferrier Thomas Fort Street  
Lodging Houses Findlay Charles, Esq. Fort Street  
Lodging Houses Gall Alexander Fisher Street  
Lodging Houses Greig Alexander Union Street  
Lodging Houses Knight Ellen Beach  
Lodging Houses Lanceman Barbara Fisher Street  
Lodging Houses Lothian Catherine Fort Street  
Lodging Houses Malloch John Ambrose Street  
Lodging Houses Miller William West Ferry  
Lodging Houses Norrie Jane Fort Street  
Lodging Houses Norrie William King Street  
Lodging Houses Patullo Lilias Queen Street  
Lodging Houses Peddie Robert Queen Street  
Lodging Houses Scott Jane Beach  
Lodging Houses Simpson David Dundas Street  
Lodging Houses Small Blinshall West Ferry  
Lodging Houses Smith John Ambrose Street  
Lodging Houses Sturrock Elizabeth Beach  
Lodging Houses Swan Alexander Gray Street  
Lodging Houses Taylor Margaret Gray Street  
Lodging Houses Webster Jane Brook Street  
Lodging Houses Young William Fort Street  
Machine Maker Low William Monifieth and iron & brass founder
Millers Beattie John Monifieth  
Millers Wilkie James Balmossie  
Painters Gibb John King Street  
Painters M' Rae Charles Long Lane  
Rope &c. Makers Anderson Francis Brook Street  
Rope &c. Makers Bell James King Street  
Rope &c. Makers Grant Alexander Brook Street  
Rope &c. Makers Low Andrew West Ferry  
Rope &c. Makers Paterson John Brook Street  
Salmon Fishers Halliday John Fort Hill  
Salmon Fishers Martin David Fisher Street  
Ship Masters Brown David West Ferry  
Ship Masters Caithness George Bath Street  
Ship Masters Ferrier Thomas Fort Street  
Ship Masters Norrie William King Street  
Ship Masters Simpson David Dundas Street  
Ship Owners Small Blinshall West Ferry  
Ship Owners Young William Fort Street  
Surgeons Cooper James Brook Street  
Surgeons Gordon William Lewis Fort Street  
Surgeons Henderson Patrick Union Street  
Surgeons McLeod James Gray Street  
Surgeons Ramsay Alexander Fort Street  
Surgeons Stormonth Alexander, M.D. King Street  
Tailors Dick John Brook Street  
Tailors Small James Fisher Street  
Tailors Smith John Ambrose Street  
Tailors Souter Robert Monifieth  
Vintners Anderson Alexander Fisher Street  
Vintners Baird James Monifieth  
Vintners Barrie Janet Monifieth  
Vintners Bowman William King Street  
Vintners Deans Alexander Fort Street  
Vintners Deans James Brook Street  
Vintners Dick Francis Claypots Road  
Vintners Forbes John King Street  
Vintners Gall Alexander Fisher Street  
Vintners Kidd John Fisher Street  
Vintners Knight David Ambrose Street  
Vintners Knight George Beach  
Vintners Lorimer James Fisher Street  
Vintners Lorimer Thomas Fisher Street  
Vintners Morris James West Ferry  
Vintners Orchar Ann West Ferry  
Vintners Ross Alexander Fisher Street  
Vintners Ross Donald King Street  
Vintners Shepherd James Fisher Street  
Vintners Skirving William Fort Street  
Vintners Stewart William King Street Eagle Inn
Wrights Horn John Fisher Street  
Wrights Kay James Monifieth  
Wrights Norrie Robert King Street  
Wrights Simpson David Ambrose Street  
Wrights Young William Monifieth  
Miscellaneous Anderson Lilias King Street straw hat maker
Miscellaneous Bell James Dundas Street nail maker
Miscellaneous Drimmie Danl. & Co. Panmure bleachers
Miscellaneous Fyffe George King Street slater
Miscellaneous Gray John & Co, Monifieth flaxspinners
Miscellaneous Hughes William Bath Street gardener
Miscellaneous Key Robert King Street druggist
Miscellaneous Kidd David Fisher Street pilot
Miscellaneous Spence Andrew Dundas Street timber merchant
Miscellaneous Webster David Fort Street coal dealer
Miscellaneous Whitton Janet Ambrose Street confectioner

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