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Inns in the Carse of Gowrie, 1806

Return of Hotels, Inns and Public Houses, &c in the Carse of Gowrie Licencing District on 29th April 1806

Name of Occupier Where situate What Parish Inn/Hotel/Public House No. of Rooms
John Sime Inchture Inchture Inn 13
Alexander Morris Powgavie Inchture Public House 6
Peter Small Longforgan Longforgan Public House 10
William Spalding Mylnefield Feus Longforgan Public House 5
David Coupar Quarries of Kingoodie Longforgan Public House 5
George Anton Kinnaird Kinnaird Public House 4
James Watson Errol Errol Inn 12
William Easson Errol Errol Public House 6
Isabella Howe Errol Errol Public House 6
Christian Cairns Errol Errol Public House 5
James Scotland Errol Errol Public House 4
James Nicol Errol Errol Public House 6
David Keir Errol Errol Public House 6
James Rollo Errol Errol Public House 8
John Mitchell Half-way House Errol Public House 10
George Thomson Port Allen Errol Public House 6
James Blair Grange Errol Public House 8
Ann Jack Leetown Errol Public House 7
Mary Boyd Inchyre Kinnoul Public House 7
Alexander Robertson Cairney Pier St. Madoes Public House 5
David Smyton Glencarse Kinfauns Public House 9
Charles Scott Rait Kilspindie Public House 8

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