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David Neave and his Houses

David Neave was Dundee's town architect prior to 1833. At the time when many contemporaries were involved in New Town construction, Neave's work was lost, with no grand setting in Dundee. There was no Dundee New Town and Neave's work is scattered over various sites.

Although he did build some civic buildings and attractive terraces, his villas in the Magdalen Yard / Nethergate area were perhaps his most numerous contribution to Dundee. They tend to exhibit variations on a basic design but still show distinct differences.

One thing which complicates research into the Magdalen Yard villas is the fat that Magdalen Yard Road used to include what is now known as Roseangle. I have still to establish when this ceased and whether there was any overlap (which would naturally complicate things further).

Details of some houses

No. Street Name House Name Architect Details
2 Roseangle
David Neave (possibly) Probably built for David Martin, merchant this sits at the very top of Roseangle. It was apparently the scene of a murder in the 1970s. To the left sits a plainer looking dwelling, at one time the home of Neave's son, Thomas.

Occupants: Mrs. D. Martin (1869-70 Directory)
8 Roseangle
David Neave (possibly) Currently includes Laing's Bar in its basement level.

Occupants: David Martin, merchant banker & ship owner (1851 Census); James K. Caird, merchant (1869-70 Directory)
17 Roseangle
David Neave (possibly) Built for William Wylie, teacher at the English School, 1820. Currently home to the Dundee Art Society on ground floor, with residential above.

Occupants: William Wylie (1824 Directory); James McEwen, solicitor (1851 Census)

David Neave (possibly)
Perth Road Ellenbank David Neave Currently part of the University of Dundee. Number 7 Perth Road in 1881.
Perth Road Union Mount David Neave Built 1813. Currently part of the University of Dundee. Number 10 Perth Road in 1881.

Occupants: Mary Shepherd, wife of Walter Shepherd of Thomson Shepherd, textile manufacturers (1881 census)
Perth Road Belmont David Neave (possibly) Demolished, c1960s. Does not display the common Neave style, so less likely to be a Neave house.

Occupants: Thomas Bell, Canvas And Floor Cloth Manufacturer (1881 census).
162 Nethergate Tayside House (in 1881)
David Neave (possibly) Currently part of the University of Dundee
166 Nethergate Possibly known as Grange House (see McKean & Walker, Dundee, an Illustrated Architectural Guide, p.75). David Neave Currently part of the University of Dundee.

Occupants: William Lawson, Export Merchant (1881 census).
22 Magdalen Yard Road
David Neave (possibly)
41 Magdalen Yard Road
David Neave (possibly)
61 Magdalen Yard Road
David Neave (possibly)
65 Magdalen Yard Road
David Neave
67 Magdalen Yard Road The Shrubbery David Neave Occupants: James McIntosh Patrick, artist (until 1998).
456 Perth Road Binrock David Neave Occupants: John M. Keiller, Confectioner (1881 census).

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