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Broughty Ferry, 1834

(Taken from the Dundee Directory of the same year)

Surname Forename Occupation Address
Abbot Mrs.   Church Street
Abbot Mrs. Robert   West Ferry
Abbot Mrs.   West Ferry
Ambrose Mrs. James   Bath Street
Ambrose Mrs. Thomas   Gray Street
Anderson George farmer Barnhill
Anderson Alexander vintner Fisher Street
Anderson Mrs. straw-hat maker King Street
Anderson George   Dundas Street
Anderson David shoemaker Union Street
Anderson Francis grocer Brook Street
Anderson Edward feuar Seafield
Arklay Misses   King Street
Baird Misses   Seafield
Begbie Mrs.Lieut.   Brook Street
Begbie Misses   Bath Street
Bell James grocer and spirit dealer King Street
Bell James lodgings Fisher Street
Bell James nailer Dundas Street
Bell Mrs. Thomas   Gray Street
Bowman Capt. David   Beach
Bowman James engineer Beach
Bowman William vintner King Street
Brown Misses   Fisher Street
Brown Andrew   Balgillo House
Brown David shipmaster West Ferry
Cairncross Alexander   Brook Street
Caithness George shipmaster Bath Street
Cappon James lodgings Ambrose Street
Chapman William grocer Brook Street
Craig Alexander vintner King Street
Craig Mrs.   Queen Street
Crammond James grocer King Street
Cumming James   King Street
Dall John joiner King Street
Davidson Rev. David   Camperdown Street
Davidson James late fishcurer Beach
Deans Alexander baker & brewer Fort Street
Deans James vintner Brook Street
Dick Rev. Dr. Thomas   Forthill Cottage
Dick Francis vintner Claypots Road
Dick John tailor Brook Street
Dick Mungo feuar Seafield
Dick David vintner West Ferry
Duncan Mrs.   Forthill House
Easson Robert   Dundas Street
Elder David flesher Gray Street
Elder William grocer West Ferry
Ferrier Thomas shipmaster Fort Street
Findlay William flesher King Street
Findlay Charles lodgings Fort Street
Forbes William vintner King Street
Fyffe George slater King Street
Gall Alexander lodgings Fisher Street
Gall Alexander, jun. vintner Fisher Street
Gordon William L. surgeon Fort Street
Gray Thomas Dundee carrier Gray Street
Greig Alexander lodgings Union Street
Hay Robert feuar Seafield
Hedderwick Mrs.   Church Street
Hill David late glover Brook Street
Honeyman Thomas innkeeper King Street
Horn John joiner Fisher Street
Hughes William gardener Bath Street
Hume Robert   Beach
Hunter Miss   Beach
Hunter Robert late of Dundee customs Brook Street
Hutcheson James feuar Seafield
Hutton Mrs.   Fort Street
Inches Misses   Ambrose Street
Jefferson Captain   Forthill
Keith Thomas   Seafield
Kerr Alexander late farmer Union Street
Kerr William farmer Claypots
Kidd Robert vintner Fisher Street
Kidd David pilot Fisher Street
Kirkwood Mrs   Brook Street
Knight Mrs. lodgings Beach
Laird David, of Strathmartine   Beach
Lamb Mrs. lodgings West Ferry
Lanceman Mrs.   Fisher Street
Lorimer Mrs. grocer Fisher Street
Lorimer James vintner Fisher Street
Lorimer Thomas vintner Fisher Street
Low Thomas lodgings Fisher Street
Low George blacksmith Long Lane
Low Andrew ropemaker West Ferry
Malloch John lodgings Ambrose Street
Marr Rev. Robert   Brook Street
Martin David salmon fisher Fisher Street
Matthewson Thomas writer Fisher Street
Methven John boot and shoemaker Brook Street
Miller William lodgings West Ferry
Miln David banker Mount Pleasant, Queen Street
Milward Mrs. teacher of infant school Brook Street
Mitchell David mason Seafield
Morton John   Cottage
Moyes William jun. grocer King Street
Munro Mrs. lodgings Fisher Street
Nicoll John farmer Forthill
Nicoll James feuar Seafield
Norrie William shipmaster King Street
Norrie Mrs. grocer Fisher Street
Norrie James shipmaster Fort Street
Norrie Robert wright & blacksmith Balgillo
Ogilviy William farmer Windymill
Ogilvy David brewer Four-mile-house
Orquhart Mrs vintner West Ferry
Patullo Misses   Queen Street
Peddie Robert mariner Queen Street
Petrie David Dundee carrier Brook Street
Post Office     King Street
Prain David teacher Sessional School
Pryde George   Gray Street
Raitt William farmer Wester Balgillo
Reid James sen. painter & glazier Gray Street
Reid John flaxspinner Claypots Road
Ritchie John shoemaker King Street
Robertson Mrs.   Gray Street
Rodger William lodgings Union Street
Ross Mrs. John vintner Fisher Street
Ross Alexander vintner Fisher Street
Scheselman Mrs. haberdasher and grocer King Street
Scott William teacher King Street
Scott Robert & Co. grocers King Street
Scott David lodgings Beach
Scott David shoemaker Long Lane
Scott David feuar Seafield
Simpson David shipmaster Dundas Street
Simpson David wright Ambrose Street
Skirving William vintner Fort Street
Small Blinshall shipowner West Ferry
Small James tailor Fisher Street
Smart William constable Forthill
Smith Mrs.   King Street
Smith John tailor Ambrose Street
Spence Andrew wood merchant Dundas Street
Stark Lieutenant R.N. of coast guard Gray Street
Stark John coxwain, coast guard Ambrose Street
Steven Thomas shipmaster Brook Street
Stewart William <publican> Eagle Inn, King Street
Stewart William blacksmith King Street
Stewart John baker Forthill
Stormonth Alexander M.D. King Street
Strachan Mrs.   Church Street
Sturrock Mrs. Captain   Beach
Sturrock E. grocer Brook Street
Swan Alexander lodgings Gray Street
Symon William carter Brook Street
Taylor George M.D. Gray Street
Watmore James excise officer Long Lane
Watson Mrs. grocer Fort Street
Watt John, of Meathie    
Watt Thomas, of Denmiln    
Watt Charles shipmaster Queen Street
Wealsby Robert vintner King Street
Webster James shipmaster King Street
Webster Mrs. vintner Fisher Street
Webster Mrs. vintner Fisher Street
Webster David coal merchant Fort Street
Weir Peter carter King Street
Wood David haberdasher King Street
Young William shipowner Fort Street

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