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NOTE: Due to the hacking of this website, what is currently available is incomplete. Other content will be restored in due course.

I have been researching since about 1995 and my interests have spread beyond my 'core' family.

The purpose of this introduction is to contextualise my research and to qualify some of the information you might come across in it. The research itself began in 1995. Since then I've accumulated information on thousands of individuals. The process itself has evolved, both in terms of my own skills and abilities in this area and in terms of how I have documented my findings. Technology has of course played a role in the latter, as software packages have become more sophisticated (and continu to do so).

Early research was a paper and pen affair. Inevitably the thrill of the new combined with the unfamiliarity of the territory meant that omissions and mistakes are now obvious to my more developed eye as I look back. As well as continuing research, I am atempting to revisit earlier territory and properly document source references in particular as well as picking up extra detail that I may have failed to capture first time round.

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  • Peter Deas and the Growth of Church Street, Buckhaven

    My Laverock ancestors were long resident in Buckhaven, for several generations from at least the 17th century. Recently I found reference to a propert ...... More

  • Robert Butter (1848-1935), artist

    When Robert Butter died in 1935 he was unmarried and no occupation was included on the death certificate which was registered by the daughter of his c ...... More

  • Map of Atholl

    The map enclosed within, Robertson, James Alexander, Comitatus de Atholia : the Earldom of Atholl ; its boundaries stated, also, the extent therein of ...... More

  • John Rait Moncur (1847-1885), murder victim or war casualty?

    Amongst the Moncurs who I may be related to (work progresses on this front) are those who were merchants in Alyth from at least the early 18th century ...... More

  • David Brown (1798-1865): obituary

    (from the Dundee Courier & Argus, 22 May 1865) THE LATE MR DAVID BROWN, THORNGREEN - The funeral took place last week and, as might have been exp ...... More

  • Pre-1800 Littlejohn deaths: Forfar and Rescobie

    The following data has been gathered from the OPR death records on ScotlandsPeople for the parishes of Forfar and Rescobie.  Focus has been on pre-180 ...... More

  • Richard Vickerman Taylor

    Richard Vickerman Taylor was born at Leeds, Yorkshire, on 10 October 1830, the son of John Taylor and his wife Ann Vickerman. He was married twice, fi ...... More

  • Reid connections

    I am currently exploring the hypotheses that I am descended from Malcolm Reid of Tulliemet.  He appears in the extensive tree on the Clan Donnachaidh ...... More

  • David Brown (1798-1865): from Macdonald's History of Blairgowrie

    David Brown of Thorngreen (1800-1865) lessee of the principal hotel in town, then Brown's Hotel ; proprietor of a coach, " Braes of Mar," which ran be ...... More

  • David Stewart Littlejohn (1822-1908) solicitor

    David Stewart Littlejohn was born at Forfar in 1822. After spending a few years in a solicitor's office there, he moved to Edinburgh to gain his legal ...... More

  • Genealogical registry of the Butters family

    Butters, George, The genealogical registry of the Butters family... including the descendants of William Butter, of Woburn, Mass., 1665, and the fam ...... More

  • Patrick Bell (1799-1869) inventor of the mechanical reaper

    At the moment I cannot prove a link between the family of Patrick Bell, inventor of the mechanical reaper, and my own Bells.  Nevertheless, I include ...... More

  • Maclagan connections

    My 4 times great grandmother was Elspeth McLAGAN. She married John BUTTER at Moulin in 1787. She may have been the daughter of Thomas McLAGAN and Eli ...... More

  • Laverock from the parish of Wemyss

    My 6 times great grandfather was James LAVEROCK. He married Isabel SWINE at Wemyss, Fife, in 1741. Their son Peter LAVEROCK, ploughman and feuar at ...... More

  • Butter from the parish of Logierait

    There are four distinct families sharing the same parts of Logierait churchyard. No direct connection has been established between them, but joint rig ...... More

  • Rootsweb WorldConnect Data

    This will search all data in the 'gbuttars' data set on Rootsweb WorldConnect Surname Exact Soundex Metaphone G ...... More

  • Hay family: mystery photo

    This photograph is in the posession of my aunt.  It came from my grandparents' house and, in terms of photos is was beside when I say it, would seen t ...... More

  • David Brown (1798-1865), "My Favourite Ancestor"

    This was originally given as a talk to Tay Valley Family History Society David Brown was my favourite ancestor (at least one of my favourites).  Rese ...... More

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